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Vikings Gone Wild

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Vikings Gone Wild on Android

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Tip 1: Place your Town Hall in the center and protect it with as lots of walls as possible. Put Sheep Cannon near the center to cover as much area as possible. Protective towers and storage can also be put inside your walls, while factories, pubs and all other structures can be put outside.

Tip 2: As quickly as you have the resources, fix your Guild Home and sign up with a clan by level 20. You will certainly get numerous new choices.

Tip 3: Gold will certainly be required more than other resources. Upgrade your Gold Factories. It is had to upgrade the majority of the structures and the very best walls. Once it ends up being offered to craft for your heroes to enhance them, Nectar will certainly also be crucial.

Tip 4: It is much easier to collect more resources in multiplayer battles. Do not stress over the single player missions up until you have actually developed and updated your soldiers.

Tip 5: Complete missions, get in touch with Facebook, and watch for special deals to make gems. Invest gems to to accelerate structure construction.

Tip 6: For early battles, use Archers for long range attacks after sending your Warriors. Keep upgrading your Pubs as much as possible as you will ultimately have to change to advanced soldiers. Sending soldiers that get the most resources at the most affordable expense.

Tip 7: Watch the upgrade tree to exactly what appears. Concentrate on getting the most vital ones.

Tip 8: Unlock more heroes as quickly as you have the resources. Keep them updated through training and battles.

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