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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Unkilled on Android

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Target zombies for headshots to do additional damage, and typically get a one hit kill. This will also earn bonus experience. This is very well finished with manual fire allowed in order to prevent accidently striking other body parts while you attempt to intend.

When somebody attack your base... so don't worry try may tip. first don't choose any assault gun in primary weapon choose shotgun for close combat.. and in heavy weapon choose machine gun first find any vehicle and take cover (cause easy to view everything) and no any zombies attack you from behind so easy to shot any zombies...

Each level has 3 possible stars that can be made. The very first star is reward for finishing the level. The continuing to be 2 stars are made by finishing the optional goals. Making the added stars leads to more experience and cash.

Items such as multirockets and the medkits and gotten through cards or by investing gold, the game's premium currency. Save them up until you definitely have to use them to progress.

When a zombie is very close, however not in your direct line of vision, a white skull will appear near your crosshairs to reveal its place. If that zombie is really close and in attack range, the skull will be red.

Your starting gun will be your frequently used weapon. Upgrade it whenever you have sufficient cash. You can boost its precision, power, and other stats.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

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