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Tiny Bubbles

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Tiny Bubbles on Android

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Finally, there is colourblind mode. You might have noticed the pics in this guide have different colours from what you might be used to, and that's because they were taken with colourblind mode enabled. The palette is slightly more dull, unfortunately, but if you do suffer from colourblindness this is likely to improve your quality of life in this game. Only use it if necessary though, as otherwise, it's frankly a bit of a downgrade.

At first you will be filling in blank bubbles with colour, but soon you will be adding colours to other colours, blending them together in order to complete levels. That means you will need to be thinking ahead that much more, and you will need to know which bubbles will create what colours. Of course you can just, you know, figure it out, if you are good with that sort of thing. If you're more like me, however, you can instead hold a bubble instead of tapping it to see what colour you will get.

Some levels will have fish in them, which blow extra bubbles for you to fill. Much like in the last tip, in these situations, time is of the essence. The fish might actually help you, and blow a bubble in the perfect location for you to progress or get a big combo, but in equal measure, they could add bubbles you simply don't want to the situation. You can wait on them and see where they place their bubbles before planning ahead, but both patience and haste are going to be required for these levels.

Tiny Bubbles is played by linking together four bubbles of the same colour. It is pretty simple in premise, but as you can imagine, things start ramping up fast. You wil begin just by filling in the blanks and making bubbles disappear, but you will soon learn that you need to be a bit more strategic about your placement. Watch how many colour splashes you have at the top of the screen, and in which order you get colours, so you know what's coming up and can plan accordingly.

Even though this is a puzzle game, that doesn't mean you'll have to be waiting around to make your next move. In fact, time is of the essence in many puzzles. Tap bubbles quickly and you'll be able to string together longer chains, and get bubbles you simply wouldn't be able to if you were taking things one at a time. This is actually an essential tactic in many puzzles, so think things through first, but use speed where necessary.


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