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Subway Surfers

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Subway Surfers on Android

The following characters can be unlocked by completing the designated task.

UnlockableHow to unlock

When you find yourself jumping too far when the game speeds up you can help avoid this by rolling (swipe down) when you jump as doing this makes your character zip to the ground.

Whenever possible try to stay on the train tops as it is easier to avoid dead ends there.

A good strategy is to buy the hoverboards as often as you can for three-hundred coins as they have the highest return of investment of anything else in the shop. They will also give you immunity when they are active so if you crash you will just fall off the hoverboard and keep running.

You can earn an easy 10000+ points as soon as your mission starts without having to jump or roll by triggering the Mega Headstart which will launch you into the sky.

When you get a super jump when you get the last coin jump or for a jet pack when it runs out of fuel jump then when you get the last coin jump again.

Spend your coins on buying 'Mystery' boxes as they contain character tokens and coins.

Ride on the tops of the trains whenever possible as the camera view is from right behind you and being up high will give you a better view of oncoming traffic and power-ups.

1. When you get a mystery box and you have to tap it when you die you tap it with two fingers not just one Or it won't Work.

2.The second one is when you get the mega headstart and when the game start die and tap the mega headstart really fast it may take a few try's

3. And the third one is when you get the jet pack and when your in the air swipe up when you get the last coin and you should go high in the air...

4. The forth one is for extra coins by having your friends run soupy can earn additional money for each 50 friends you will earn a bag with valuable coins inside...the fifth one for more mystery boxes you purchase the mystery box and whenever you tap to open click with more than one finger and I said it twice to be clear for step 1.

5. The last one is the slide jump when your on a train and you slide off by accident you can go back up so soon as you jump and slide back on you should be good to go ( you can do this with any character not just one or a certain one thanks)! | Submitted by Allana


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