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Soul Hunters

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Soul Hunters on Android

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The hero that gets the final hit on an enemy will be awarded a +300 energy bonus. This will allow that hero to reach their ultimate attack faster.

Each hero has six equipment slots. When all of those slots are filled, that hero can be fused. Fusion permanently links the hero with their equipment, adding those stat bonuses directly into the character. A new ability for the hero to use will also become unlocked.

Hero soulstones can be obtained in the following locations in the Heroic versions of those levels. Note Some heroes can only be obtained through draws from the Summoner's Circle.

Front Line
Drago: Chapter 1 Briarwood Forest, Chapter 4 A Katana and Courage, Chapter 6 Elrendal Coast
Esabel: Summoner's Circle
Leon: Chapter 3 Ghost in the Fog, Chapter 7 Book of Prophecy, Chapter 13 By the Riverbank
Musashi: Chapter 3 Eye of Destruction, Chapter 4 Rampart Point, Chapter 10 Decisive Strike
Torsen: Chapter 4 Fishing Village, Chapter 7 Portal of Evil, Chapter 9 Lyrian Forest
Vincent: Chapter 2 Ancient Altar, Chapter 6 Heavy Wind, Chapter 9 Escape Route

Middle Line Heroes
Alana: Chapter 2 Brushwood Village, Chapter 5 Breezy Coast, Chapter 8 Closing the Portal
Arachna: Chapter 4 Deep Down, Chapter 6 Strange Ceremony, Chapter 8 Thymerian Ruins
Leah: Chapter 5 Wyvern Flames, Chapter 8 Storm the Fort, Chapter 11 Secrets of the Shadowclones
Lucius: Chapter 3 Frostbite Harbour, Chapter 6 Solara Temple, Chapter 12 Clash at the Temple
Osiris: Chapter 4 Mirabeth Port, Chapter 8 Snow Cave, Chapter 11 Laying the Trap
Selene: Chapter 1 A Wise Hermit, Chapter 5 Tarragon Fortress, Chapter 7 Crystal Spires
Sumiko: Chapter 2 The Amethyst Throne, Chapter 8 Frostfire Pass, Chapter 9 Moonbeam Mountains

Back Line
Boomer: Chapter 1 Gilded Tunnel, Chapter 5 Scout Camp, Chapter 7 Raiding Base
Mariana: Summoner's Circle
Urestag: Chapter 4 The Warrior Sage, Chapter 5 Forlorn Caves, Chapter 7 Kreton Priest

The summoner circle allows access to a gold chest and diamond chest. Because the cost of opening the diamond chest is very steep, focus on the gold chest instead. It can be opened for free every ten minutes. You will accumulate up to five chances to open it if you do not actively open it each time. Open the gold chest as many times as possible to get free equipment and hero soulstones.

Sweep Tickets are occasionally awarded after completing quests. They allow you to go repeat a level without actually having to fight the enemies again. They will save time when replaying earlier levels obtain equipment pieces or soulstones.

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