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Sky Punks

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Sky Punks on Android

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Each level has a three star goal. The more your objectives completed, the more stars you will earn. After earning the third star, bonus mode will begin. A random assortment of power-ups will appear ahead. They can include temporary power ups to Neo Crystals, the game's premium currency.

You can purchase additional Glidewings by spending Neo Crystals. More will be unlocked after leveling to a certain level. Glidewings can be upgraded by spending coins. Do not upgrade your first few Glidewings, as the ones that become available later will be better.

Gold can be found scattered across the roads. Collect as much gold as possible without endangering yourself as you race on Terra Nova. Gold is required to unlock upgrades and other characters. Sometimes gold is placed in a location that is difficult to collect. For example, it may be found on the edge of the three-lane road, requiring you to cross two lanes in order to collect it. Gold is also used as a lure to cause collisions with obstacles.

Use bonus mode and collect stars to level up. Stars that are earned will fill your star meter. When full, you will level up.

You will face natural and man-made obstacles. Some of them can be jumped over, others slid under, and some that must be dodged. Use ramps and jumps to get a higher view of your surroundings and upcoming obstacles. Some sections will explode sending giant, road-blocking boulders into your way. If you a mountain explode, expect a giant falling rock.

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You will receive one free offensive and boost power up at the start of each level. Extra ones can be collected as you progress through a course. Use offensive power-ups to cause your opponent to crash and respawn behind you. Use boost power-ups to get the same effect as the boost gates, but at any time.

Rock Worms will throw up some dirt before breaking through the ground or walls.

Characters have special passive abilities that affect all the other characters you have unlocked and are using. For example, Suma's passive ability is an increased Score Doubler for all riders.

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