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Sims FreePlay, The

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Sims FreePlay, The - Android

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Note: This requires a Facebook account. Pause game play in the app. Select the "Cloud" option, then upload your saved game data to Facebook. Next, select "Reset Game" at the pause menu. When the starting screen appears, tap "Download Save Data" and tap to resume that game. In a few the party boat will appear. Tap to visit the boat and you should have several presents waiting. Collect them for life points, money, or both. Repeat the process as often as desired.

First go visit your neighbors (at the party boat)
Pick your sim click on Santa and reindeer pops up
Return home

You will have a free reindeer and get three LPS. Repeat the above to get all the LPS you my need and the reindeers will be in the pet store free each sim can have to even if the have dog or cat.

Make sure that all your Sims are engaged in an activity. Then, enter the system settings for your device and advance the date by two years or more. Shut down the app from the list of running programs. Start playing the game and check the in-game mailbox or bank to find additional money.

Plant overnight and in your spare time. Extra money is always good to have, especially when you need it to construct buildings for quests. Also, if you have school or work, you can plant things for extra cash then, too. Plus, you can get a lot of XP and from planting, meaning you level up faster and therefore earn more LPs. Finally, artifacts for your monuments pop up a lot, so you will be able to upgrade them faster. Note: You might want to turn a house plot into a gardening plot by demolishing the house and placing garden plots there. The more patches, the more money and XP you get.

With 0 SP in your possession, open the store that sells items for kids. Access the Infants section. Choose the white highchair and buy it. Even though you don't have any funds, you can make the purchase. Continue purchasing it as often as you like, then sell the chair for easy profit.

If you want to complete a quest of buying anything just for my instructions: Just have a preview of a big desinger house from the option of building a house that's all you need to do. It will automatically detect. Don't buy anything if you don't have to.

Get every one of your sims planting green beans get out of game and double tap the iphone or ipod square hold the sims freeplay app and delete. 'Not the game' go to settings,general,date and time and change the date to July 1, 1985 go back to the game and get back out go to setting,general,time and date then tap on set automatically then go back to the sims freeplay and go to the city. Go back to the house they were planting in and they should all be done planting.

This hack works best if you have all hobbies, items, and places required to finish the Social Tasks. I have ALL hobbies, pet items, etc in my town but could never find the stuff in my friends towns.

1. Have two Facebook accounts (like yours and your kids or spouse)
2. Log in to one of the accounts
3. Log in to Sims Free play on that Facebook account
4. Go to the party boat and see friends list.
5. Exit Sims Freeplay
6. Log out of Facebook and log into other account
7. Enter Sims Freeplay, and Log out of the Facebook link, then log back in to the Facebook link using other account.
8. Go to friends list via Party Boat and you'll see your first Facebook account as a friend.
9. Go to their town (It will be an exact copy of yours)
10. Choose a Sim to go there.
11. Remember that Sim and do the Social tasks
12. Go back to your town
13. When going to your Social task Sim, remember which one it was and choose Another Sim Town.
14. You will always go to your own town!

After moving in 4 Sims, it costs 5,000 to move another one in. Instead of spending 5,000, you can get two sims (I used male/female couples, I don't know if you can have a romantic relationship between the same sex) to move in with each other. You have to get their relationship status to partner, then you can move them in. Once you do this, go to the house of the other sim and sell all their rooms. (You will have to go under "construction" to sell the room). It will ask if you want to sell and add all the items to your inventory. If you don't want to add items to inventory, then cancel and sell items, then you can sell the room. After you do this, demolish the house. Then you can add a new sim to a house for cheaper.

Shake you're device vigorously until your Sims get wobbly. Shake more to throw up. If Sims are sitting down they won't throw up but the ones that are standing up doing nothing will puke all at the same time. You can take a pic of it using the white camera icon usually located at the top right corner of the screen.

Money plants are unlocked when you complete the "money grows on trees" Quest. Tap it to get sim points then the slot thing pops up roll it then you get 150,250 or even 5000 or a bigger total you might be lucky.

First go To city population then rise the population. Have Sims plant something after that change the date or year go back to Sims and you have your money.

One of the most annoying things to me was the time factor -- you had to wait for EVERYTHING. However, I discovered time is device-side, even though the rest of the game is server-side. So if it takes four hours to finish building a house, for example, simply turn off the auto network time on your device and advance the time by four hours. Reopen the game, and wala! The building is finished. After you're done playing, even if you're months in the future, just turn network time on again, and you're good. The gameplay does not revert back, so all your progress using the time exploit is kept! Hope this helps!

If your sims go to work but at that specific time you are busy here is a trick. Select date and time and change the time one minute before the time your sims go to work. Quickly go back on the sims and there would be a notification saying one of your sims needs to go to work. Press the briefcase on the simtracker and your sim will be able to go to work.

You have to have completed the Christmas goal, Santa gives you a free reindeer. Your friends have to have completed it also. You have to be able to travel to friends towns. That have completely the goal. Anyways, every time I visit a friends town I get the pop up "congratulations! You helped save Xmas...".

changing babies into toddlers asked by wandaj
How I get the birth day cake for the babies turning into toodler?
Answer this question!

Answer by HiCHew: you have to be on the quest for toddlers.

Construction quicker asked by Alisa
How do you finish a construction quicker on android?
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Free simoleons and lp asked by Anonymous
How do I get free lp and simoleons without a Facebook account on an Ematic tablet? I don't believe in hacking. And, time cheats and making my Sims barf doesn't work.
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I need more money asked by Anonymous
How to get unlimited number of Simmons?
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I need my sims to get married asked by Anonymous
How to make my sims married... How?
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Answer by Dove Camren: Finish love is in the air quest.

LifestylePoints and SocialPoints asked by HiChew
How do i get easy lifestyle points and social points?
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love in the air quest asked by Anonymous
How do I do the love in the air quest?
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Answer by jasmine : you get love in the air by being on level 7.

love in the air question asked by katelyn
How do u complete love in the air on sims
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Answer by Ameilia: First you finish the quest u are currently on it is probably called bread winner ,finish that quest by doing whatever it tells u to when u finish that there will be another quest called money grows on trees?complete that one too .NOTICE: you must be level 7!

quest asked by camille
How do you let a toddler make a mudcake in the backyard? (quest to make your restaurant)
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Time factor asked by Ella
The time tricks doesn't work for new version of the game it is server based. would you give me another way to get rid of the annoying time factor?
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Answer by Anonymous: make sure you turn airplane mode on for this to work if its doesn't work you need to turn off the feature that updates your apps automatically then it should work.

xp asked by iduama
How do I level up faster?
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