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Shop Heroes

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Shop Heroes on Android

Invest in the city buildings to keep them running at all times so you can maximize your income. The buildings in the city are leveled up based on how much gold you invest in them. Upgraded buildings will also unlock new items. Consider upgrading the Iron Mine and Sawmill first. Keep your heroes exploring at the Inn. Send the same heroes there repeatedly to level them up. You must make sure that they meet the power requirements for the missions. Equip the best heroes with good weapons and make them your main hero. Keep everything in your store upgraded. Although upgrade only results in a small increase, it is required because of the increasing amount of time to craft the better weapons and items required by customers. Craft a some of the most expensive weapons that you have and have them availalbe in your inventory. Watch for customers to arrive check if you can suggest the upgraded weapon over the one that they want. Craft the most time consuming items before logging off. When actively playing, spend as much time as possible completing the requirements for active customers.

Hearts are used to perform different interactions with heroes. Use the surcharge interaction to increase the amount of coins you will earn for your items. Use it on the most expensive items that are available. You can also use hearts to have your customers change their mind about the items they want. Use this to suggest more expensive items to them. Hearts can be obtained from your customers. Compliment them to randomly get one or two hearts, or cause a loss of one heart. Offer them a discount on low cost items such as knives to have a chance to get a heart.


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