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Savant - Ascent

Cheats, Cheat Codes for Savant - Ascent - Android

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After getting your Chains ability (one collection), when you jump four times your charge bar can be filled. You can then throw chains at enemies and become invincible briefly. To do this, hold [Jump] and keep throwing. However the invincibility period is not long enough for the next One Collective power. You can instead use a "3-jump shuffle" by spinning once with three jumps to save time and keep yourself invincible. To do this, Move left or right (depending if you are on the right or left platform) then hold [Jump]. Begin throwing chains as soon as possible. When wyrms spawn, you hold [Left] or [Right] in addition to [Jump] to avoid getting stuck. Ignore the wyrms and keep holding the controls to rotate, jump, and throw chains to survive for ten minutes without losing any health. You will lose a small amount of time when the wyrms spawn. When this happens you can collect a disk piece to immediately become invincible and remain safe.

Have the Grab ability (sixth disk at full charge) and get on the top of the tower in Story mode. Use the Grab move on the orb.

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