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Roll the Ball

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Roll the Ball on Android

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Almost all modes in the game offer you unlimited time, so there is really no need to hurry.

To unlock Rotation and Moving modes, you first need to play through the Star and Classic ones.

Remember that as soon as you start the game, you’ll be in the Star mode. You will need to switch to Classic manually.

The easiest path is probably the one you find the quickest, but give it some more time and try to discover a bit more intricate ones. That way you can get more stars.

You get additional hints for watching ads, so remember to do it on a daily basis.

Save your hints, however, because sometimes the solution is right before your eyes, you’re just too lazy to see it. Instead of using the hints, try coming back to the game a little later to gain a fresh perspective.

Use the undo button to quickly go through all possibilities when solving the puzzles. It does not affect your star rating.

Check your message box frequently because you may get some free hints or other useful stuff.

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