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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Quadblast on Android

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The corners are the safest locaiton. Stay near them and move either left or right. You can also moving up and down quickly and sweep the laser all the way across the screen to cover as much surface area as possible. However, the balls start will spawning in your row occasionally. You can shoot a laser up or down to take them out then just continue doing the same pattern.

Pause game play and increase the Sensitivity option when you need to make quick movements to avoid dark balls. You can set the Sensitivity option back to your preferred value after the danger has passed.

Ignore the orbs that drop out of the dark balls. Although they allow you to buy power-ups, there is a high risk of losing a life as you cross the screen to collect them. Use the Magnet power-up to collect them in relative safety.

The same pattern repeats through round three, four, etc. Power-ups such as the laser, shield and speed boost will make progressing through the rounds when they repeat easier.

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