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Plague Inc.

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Plague Inc. - Android

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Beat all the gamemodes, Bacteria to Bioweapon all on Brutal.

Beat all 6 plague types on Brutal.

You can unlock the next type by clearing the stage before it on Normal or Brutal difficulty.

UnlockableHow to unlock

This simple exploit of current game mechanics makes a joke of one of the harder disease types! (When playing nano-virus, they are aware of and curing your virus from the start) It requires only that you have unlocked (and equip) the 'Sympto-Stasis' genetic code upgrade when setting up your game. Genetic codes are unlocked by winning a game on any difficulty with any virus type. With Sympto-stasis equipped, the cost of symptoms does not increase as you evolve them. The nano-virus has 2 symptoms that actually -GIVE- DNA when you take them, and this virus type has a natural ability where devolving costs don't rise (default cost of devolving gives 2 DNA). These are Insomnia and Paranoia. Simply buy those 2 and then repeatedly devolve/evolve paranoia for unlimited, free DNA.

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