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Phantom Of The Kill

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Phantom Of The Kill Cheats

Scattered around the battlefield are objects that resembling sparkling halos. Move one of your units over them to gain a special bonus.

Some hero units have Leader-based abilities. Pay attention to how your leader affects the rest of your team. You can choose who is the leader, allowing you to try various team combinations.

If your hero has the ability to fly, they will be able to flank enemies next to water tiles. Regular infantry units have to navigate the battlefield and avoid obstacles such as rivers and lakes.

Each weapon type is strong against another type while weak against something else. Swords are strong against axes. Axes are strong against lances. Lances are strong against swords. Always attack an enemy with a unit that it is either stronger or equal against it. Other units can use staffs and bows, however they have tasks outside of melee combat (healing and ranged attacks). The other types of weapons are neutral towards them.

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