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Paula Deen's Recipe Quest

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Paula Deen's Recipe Quest on Android

You will begin with 50 coins. When you run out of moves, you can buy another five moves for 25 coins. Only spend coins when absolutely necessary as there is no other way to get them for free.

On frying pan levels, match ingredients that are lined up in a way where they will hit multiple frying pans. This is the best method to remove frying pans, which are usually close to one another.

You will waste a move if you try to place an ingredient into a position which results without a match. Because you have a limited number of moves on each level, carefully plan your strategy.

Because there is no extra moves bonus, there will be times you will only earn one or two aprons for doing well. To get a three apron rank, do not reach your goal quickly. You will need to earn more points in order to hit the threshold for the aprons by matching.


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