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Papaya Farm

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Papaya Farm - Android

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There are three types of dragons eggs:

Orange Egg - Neutral Dragons:
Cost $150,000 (Level 50 or above). Eggs sell for $70,000 each.
Hatches into a Crystal, Yellow Jade, Purple Jade, Blue Treasure, Crystal Jade or White Dragon.

Brown Egg - Evil Dragons:
Cost $200,000 (Level 55 or above). Eggs sell for $110,000 each.
Hatch into Green, Blue, Red, or Black Dragon

Blue Egg - Upright Dragons:
Cost 1,000 Papayas (Level 60 or above). Eggs sell for $150,000 each.
Hatch into Brass, Bronze, Gold or Silver Dragon.

Dragons can attack each other or other farm animals. When they mature, you can send them to attack a friendā??s ranch. If the ranch does not have any dragons guarding it there is the possibility that you will get some money.

In the green box on the right hand side of the screen type the case sensitive code 'allow24' (without the quote) to get a free dragon egg which you can then sell.

Cows and chickens can be turned into meat so a good strategy to get to a higher level is to grow these animals and save up their meat for future animals that require a lot of meat consumption.

These are earned the following ways. You will receive 1 respect point for every fruit stolen from you. For every crop given away, there will be an additional 1 Respect point. If you take care of your friend's farm, you will receive 1 Respect point. You can earn a maximum of 400 Respect points a day and for every 300 Respect points increment you will recieve a special bonus item free.

Have at least 200 papayas. When you start a new game, you will have the option to buy a house on your farm. Use 150 of the 200 papayas to buy the house. Then, buy a few decorations for it costing 10 papayas (five of them should be sufficient). Touch the small bag icon (your inventory) at the top right, just left of the shop icon. A bar will appear at the bottom. Drag an item from it to the middle of the screen to get a feel for it. Quickly keep dragging across an item. As you drag it from the bar to the screen it should duplicate until it disappears. You should have a few of the same item on your screen. Note: You must always put one item back in your inventory for later use by using the store button, which can be seen by moving an item to the bottom left corner. With the items still on screen, touch the map icon and go back to the farm. Then, re-enter the house screen. You can now sell the items you duplicated for 2,000 gold each. Repeat the process as many times as desired.

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