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On The Run

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for On The Run on Android

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Tip 1: Consider the lightning pieces that show up randomly, because when you accumulate three of them, you are getting a super speed boost, along with invincibility, which allows you to bash through any auto that is random for this, and earn coins. Drive up the ramp trucks, too, to bound on the line of autos, get a speed boost, and get a shield that is very short.

Tip 2: Smart drafting will get you much as well. The more cars in a row which you draft, the larger the combo as well as the quicker you will go. But be sure to improve your vehicle since if your top rate is too low (and your other stats are too), then you will need to update to go on farther in the periods. You can unlock new tracks if you go far enough in the first stage (or if you spend lots of diamonds)

Tip 3: It's possible for you to earn lots of coins through the races themselves, but look out for the Free Coins button to light up in color at the base of the primary screen. Once it does, you will be in a position to see an ad video and earn some coins that are free off of it. Do that as many times as you can until the videos run out. Then come back in fifteen minutes and the videos should return.

Tip 4: Each run that you make, and you have four petrol prices you one petrol. In case you'd like to get your gasoline back right away for free without needing to await the timer, then proceed to the date and time settings on your own telephone and set the time forward by half an hour to an hour (to restore a completely empty gas meter).

Tip 5: Use all of the coins to improve your car and also to purchase new automobiles. Upgrades are fairly cheap; purchases can be rather expensive but when you hold off on the upgrades and keep grinding for coins, you will find a way to purchase more new automobiles a good deal more quickly.


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