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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for OMG: TD! - Android

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You can unlock a Difficulty Mode variation that provides you the alternative to make an added star once you beat a phase. Keep in mind that these phases are seriously hard, so do not tackle them till you have ample cash for Heroes, Gods and various other resources.

You can make as much as 3 stars in each phase, and there are 88 to get in total amount. The number of stars you make depends exactly how well you perform in regards to stopping enemies and keeping your main Hero at complete strength. You're most likely to make just one to 2 stars per phase if any enemies slip with. Supplied you have actually sufficient charges left in your meter though, you can retry the phase once again once you have even more resources and characters offered - hence assuring that 3rd star.

There are use four different power-ups available.

Beefcake: Increases the power of your hero for a limited time.
Rewind: Pushes back enemies, allowing you to be better prepared
Supercharger: Allow you to use power stations to draw lines and attack enemies for three times.
The Fist Of God: A one-time attack which is effective over a set area.

Watch the advertising videos to get more Souls.

There are two methods to upgrade your units. Use Souls to increase the capabilities of Gods and special heroes. You can also use coins to increase an individual unit's stats. Spending coins is not recommended because it requires too much time and resources.

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