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Octopus Evolution - Clicker

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Octopus Evolution - Clicker on Android

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Octopus Evolution - Clicker Cheats

Different coloured pearls do different things:

Purple/pink: Levels up your octopus~ to get the most out of this give it to the highest level octopus you have, if you wait until you have two of them you can move it up to the next tank and keep pearing it up until the timer runs out or you tun out of octopii (if you have enough coins you can just buy ones you don't have currently in the tank).

Yellow: Gives you a burst of coins every time your octopus evolves ~ this is one of the only pearls you don't want to give to your most evolved octopus, instead give it to a baby and rapidly pear it up as much as you can.

Red: Makes your octopus start rappidly pooping ~ give this to your highest octopus and keep leveling it up.

Blue: Makes your octopus produce diamonds ~ you can give this to any octopus without a difference and it will give you one diamond unless you get the pearl duration bonus up to max then you can get up to three diamonds.

Tip 1: From the get go, one of the finest methods to make both cash and octopii is to cut the game off for a little while, around 5 minutes or so (for the boxes, not so much for the gold), then go back to the game and pop all of the boxes and blend the octopii together. You can unlock new developments as you keep blending levels of octopii together.

Tip 2: One fast way to obtain to the next development level is to go to the octopus store and invest your coins on packing up on the greatest level octopus that's readily available. Fill your farm till the octopii are no more worth the coins that they cost. Evolve then, and the next level octopii up will be readily available for you to purchase.

Tip 3: Diamonds can be had at random thanks to the octopii. They arbitrarily drop, however you can also get a free one by going to the in game shop and taking the free offer to watch a video in exchange for a diamond. You can watch as a lot of these videos as you desire in exchange for more diamonds. Do this till the videos go out, and after that you can return in fifteen minutes or two then they will be regrowed.

Tip 4: In addition to the coins made per 2nd, if you leave your phone or tablet with the face staying up, you will get free coins from the poop that the octopii leave. Switch off your sleep mode on your phone, and leave it sitting face up for as long as possible, on a battery charger ideally, in order to make a lots of coins. The more top-level octopii on screen at a time, the much better.

Tip 5: The pearl power-up is among the most effective in the game. When a pearl appears, offer it to the greatest level octopus that you can and it will start rapid-fire crapping out coins. Do this whenever that you get a pearl to make a definitely huge amount of coins.

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