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Need A Hero

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Need A Hero Cheats

Build long chains, but take note of when you have matched enough enemies for an attack. When ready, an exclamation mark will appear on your rage bar. Stop your chain at this point, as any further matches will not continue after your attack, which wastes the enemies. Always look to build long chains. Because there is no time limit, search carefully. You can also connect pieces diagonally, which helps setting up longer chains.

You will gain the ability to craft new weapons and armor to improve your hero as you progress. Crafting requires coins and a certain amount of materials. Revisit the material locations found all over the world in order to make the best possible items for your character.

You will eventually gain the ability to make spell tomes by matching a certain number of enemies. The first tome available, Fire Explosion, automatically includes the surrounding enemies when matched in a chain. Save them and include them in a single big chain to create a huge explosion. The second tome that becomes available is Water Wave. It will clear all vertical and horizontal enemies relative to its position.

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