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My Boo

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My Boo Cheats

Play the mini-games to earn coins. The Bubble Pop game and the Matching game are recommended to earn the most coins. Take the ball, jump rope, or other unlocked item in the game room and play with Boo to earn coins. Enter the "Shop" menu and watch the advertising videos to earn 100 coins per ad.

Turn off the lights when you stop playing so that your Boo's energy refills faster.

Boo has certain needs that must be maintained.

Clean Boo when he is dirty.
Give Boo medicine when he is sick.
Refill the food meter by feeding Boo with items that give the most food back.
Refill the heart meter with food or by playing games.

Turn the light off in the Boo's bedroom, then exit the app. Close the app completely from the running programs list, then advance the time on your device. Resume the game and your energy meter should be refilled. Set the time back to its actual value.

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