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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for MUJO on Android

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If you end up without any good moves, use the "UP" button at the bottom of the level to push the entire layout up by one row. This will destroy the top row and create a new row at the bottom. Also, if you have a bomb tile that gets destroyed, it will start an explosion that will take out all the tiles in the same column and row that it occupied.

The various gods you collect can have a "tap" skill that is explained in their description details. After the about the third battle you will be able to use lightning bolts, which act as energy for skills and other things. To use a god's skill, tap them and it will expend one lightning bolt. Chests When chest tiles appear, you can open them by matching normally, or spending a lightning bolt. Chests contain equipment for your existing gods to make them stronger, or new gods. If you cannot make a match within a reasonable time to open a chest, just use a lightning bolt.

If you have a possible match ready, tap and hold to turn the tile that was tapped on into a "stack", where the tiles absorbs all the other attack tiles into one. The remaining tile will have a number that indicates its attack strength. Stacking is a good method to inflict a large amount of damage at once. Once a stack is created, use it before it begins to drop in power.

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