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Muffin Knight

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Muffin Knight on Android

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To unlock "The Beanstalk" level, obtain all the different upgrades for the various characters and get all the extra lives and all bonuses (for example, double jump, slow monsters, fast walking, etc.). Start the level and climb up the beanstalk until you reach 1,000m. The achievement will be earned after you die. You will be jumping from platform to platform, and you must collect all the muffins you can to be able to climb higher. The higher you climb, the more monsters you will encounter. Use the bonus double jump to avoid certain monsters and climb higher, and the bonus slow monsters. After unlocking the bull character, a gauge shaped like a bull-head will appear. It fills when you kill monsters. When that gauge is full, you can transform into a bull and be invulnerable to monsters. Start climbing until the number of monsters becomes a problem. Then, find a safe platform, where the land monsters do not walk, or where they leave you enough room to kill them. Begin killing all monsters possible to fill the bull gauge. Change into the bull and climb as fast as you can because you will be invincible. When the bull gauge is almost empty, find another safe location and repeat the process until you reach 1,000m. This is best attempted with a character that can shoot or to be able to destroy the monsters without having to move frequently. That also means that when you are climbing as the bull, stop the ascent before the end of the "bull time" if the last muffin you took changed your normal form into a nice character and if a safe location is in sight. Note that flying enemies will still be able to attack when you are in a safe location.

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