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Mountain Goat Mountain

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Mountain Goat Mountain Cheats

Coins are needed to unlock new goats. They can be earned by collecting them while on the mountain, by watching advertising videos after a death, or from the free daily coin chests. . After collecting 100 coins, a new mystery crate will appear, with a chance of getting a new goat. To earn the most coins on the mountain, carefully scale up and down the mountain.

Avoid the following hazards.Crumbling rocks, blocks and platforms. They will appear differently from normal terrain. Dark clouds that occasionally shoot deadly lightning. Waterfalls made of water, tar or rainbows. Falling objects that appear in two sizes per level. They cannot be jumped on or over. Hop out of the way as quickly as possible.

Trees will sometimes hide holes that will result in a death if you are not careful.

Springboards usually help you rise faster. However some boards will send you back down the mountain. Others may send you to a crumbling block or in the path of falling debris. Make sure you are ready to jump as soon as you land if the situation requires it. Watch for the coiled spring that gives your goat a temporary boost. After your goat turns silver from it, you can safely go to any solid rock you tap or swipe. Note: Crumbling rocks will still give out while you are silver.

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