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Monster Squad

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Monster Squad Cheats

Spend coins and monsters on evolving only your top tier monsters. When boosting, do not target monsters that will sacrificed as evolution material and ensure that the success rate is high. Improve your best monster then follow up with the next most powerful monster. After boosting your monsters, evolve them. Other monsters are required to evolve. Learn what monsters are needed to evolve the ones you want to improve, and keep them safe.

Instead of waiting for your energy to restore over time, advance the time on your device to regain it all instantly. Afterwards, set the time back to its correct value.

Form an attacking oriented team that includes at least one healer that can heal all other monsters. If possible, have the Team Leader be the healer as it will allow you to control when healing will occur, as well other skills as needed. Tap the icons near the monsters on your team during a battle to use their skill.

The most important monster on your side is your Team Leader. It allows you to have additional control over the skills that come into play during battles. Make sure the monster with the best skills is assigned to be Team Leader.

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