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MLB Perfect Inning 15

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MLB Perfect Inning 15 Cheats

When batting, you can either select auto-contact or manual-contact. The auto option will automatically position the bat for you, while manual allows you to control the bat directly. Because of the precise timing required to swing the bat, consider starting with the auto option. You will not have to worry about positioning the bat, and only have to time the swing. After you get skilled in the various pitches, switch to manual contact to get more control over the direction of the bat. You will be forced to switch to manual at some point regardless, as pitchers will begin to throw the ball faster. At that point, the automatic option will not be able to move in time to reach the pitch.

When batting, you can set a lead command found next to the bases command wheel. It can set up to 4, and will have your baserunners take a progressively greater distance off their base in order to advance. Keeping it at high values increases the chances that they may be picked off.

When pitching, a box with a blue circle inside will appear. Within the center of the circle is a red dot. A ring will move inside and out the box. Try to time your pitch so that the ring is exactly center on the red dot to throw a perfect pitch. This will be the fastest pitch, making it difficult to hit. You can also move the blue circle around with the left joystick to angle the ball in a different direction. Do not throw the ball too far from the batter.

You can opt to instantly throw a perfect pitch without manual input by selecting the "Perfect Pitch" option. This will cost a large portion of your pitcher's stamina.

Make sure to complete any required team management before you start a season. Once started, you will not be able to change any team parameters until that season ends.

Play through all the tutorials to earn 100 stars, the game's premium currency.

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