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Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir on Android

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Butterflies are the premium currency here, and they'll help you get through difficult levels or earn more awkward prizes. You can even earn a singular butterfly in the shop, simply by watching an ad - though it's not like a single butterfly is worth much... Stock up on them as you play and you'll be able to purchase Special Boxes in the shop, or maybe you'll just use them on more ladybug currency of level revives. Regardless of how you spend them, they're handy to stock up on. | Submitted by Neto

The Ladybug herself, Marinette, is a pretty incredible acrobat as she effortlessly jumps over gaps and slides right under obstacles, but at times she pulls out some borderline-Matrix moves. Wallrunning is a good example - if one of the three lanes you run on is closed off and there's a gap ahead, you can swipe into an adjacent wall to wallrun and avoid a certain death. She's very agile, so you'll be able to swap between jumping, switching lanes, sliding and more very quickly and easily. | Submitted by Neto

When at first you don't succeed, try and try again, right? Well that's what the old adage says, although we're hard pressed to find a better example of where that's the truth than right here. The beauty of a randomly generated level is that even if it's a bit awkward to play at first or you're unhappy with the position of obstacles, they're likely to disappear entirely on your second try. Of course, you can revive by watching an ad or paying premium currency, but not really worthwhile. | Submitted by Neto

Grabbing upgrades in levels is great. Shields can protect you, multipliers can of course increase your score, magnets make it easier to grab extra currency, it's great. But those upgrades get even better if you spend some money at the shop. You don't buy upgrades, but instead you can pay some cash so they work better and for longer when you pick them up on a run. The price will increase each time, but they're well worth spending your hard earned currency on, especially since ultimately, it'll make it easier to earn currency with each upgrade. | Submitted by Neto

Those little ladybug icons you'll be collecting as you run should both dictate the path you take and the lane you should stay in, but also add up so you can spend spend spend in the shop later. We've already mentioned how you should be spending that currency on power up upgrades and such, but the act of collecting them in the first place can guide you gently through the level. They're never in impossible to reach places, so watch for how they're placed and slide, swipe and jump to collect them all. | Submitted by Neto


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