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Minions Paradise

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Minions Paradise - Android

If youíre in dire need of some cash, simply use the Market located inside the Storage Building.

Use Celebration Station to earn more Party points and get Phil upgraded as soon as possible.

If your items arenít selling on the Market, try lowering the price. Getting a slightly smaller amount of money is better than getting no money at all.

Donít spend doubloons on speeding things up. Better wait for something more important to come up.

You donít want any of your minions to be idle, so make sure every one of them is busy doing something.

Think carefully about what you want to sell. Deleting your request to sell an item will cost you, so itís pretty wasteful.

After you hit level 8, you get to see the Captain, to whom youíll be able to sell the stuff that you donít want. Itís great for when you need to free up some space in your storage.

Mini-games can give you Party points, as well as Sand dollars when you reach a certain milestone.

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