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Medal Masters

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Medal Masters on Android

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The Barracks will become available early in the game. Spend your free gems to upgrade and expand the Barracks. The Barracks allows you to passively increase your characters' levels. The Barracks allows you to upgrade your characters in four different ways; level up, awaken, skill up, and evolve.

As you progress, you will get various characters. Characters are awarded by collecting medallions. After they are obtained, they can be upgraded and trained. Each time you obtain a new character, you also get an one gem collection bonus. Gems are the game's premium currency. Each character has a special ability as well as leadership. Use the leadership skills that are the most effective with your current team composition.

You can go to the missions area to discover concepts on exactly what to do next, however you can discover more rewards by striking the'others'button on the menu then clicking over to any option that has a red bullet beside it. Scroll up and down the achievements, hero collection and other menus to search for rewards that you can gather, the majority of which will be free diamonds.

The primary thing to do, once you leave the tutorial, is to take all your free gems, avoid to the premium gacha, and invest them to obtain new characters. You will not have the ability to put all the super-rare characters into your celebration simultaneously due to the character expense, however more than likely you will have the ability to include one to start with. As your levels go up, so will your overall character expense, permitting you to slowly reinforce your celebration.

AchievementHow to unlock

Consider using a warrior, two lancers, and a mage. The order that you place your heroes in at the selection screen does not matter. They will group into their proper formations automatically when a battle starts.

Each character can equip as much as four option cards-- among each color, then a wildcard area can hold one card of any color. Go to the shop and purchase card loads to obtain more cards for your characters, and if you pull a character from your celebration, ensure that you unequip whatever cards you wish to move and keep to another person.

As you remain to level up by messing around in the battleground, you will also have the ability to do new game modes. You will be able to do the hard mode version of it once you clear a whole area. Beyond that, leveling up will unlock the Pillage War, Infinite Challenge, the Arena, and the Special Dungeon as your player level in the game boosts.

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