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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Maximum Car on Android

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Tip 1: Your goal is to obtain top place, and this is also the fastest way to earn more coins, so if you have to grind for coins you can return to an old level and get top place to earn the optimum amount of coins. You get bonus coins for ruining other cars and trucks, which can be done through ramming or shooting rockets. Ruin enough of one cars and truck and you can unlock it in the shop too. This opts for cars and trucks that both are and are not associated with the race.

Tip 2: There's an almost endless amount of vehicles to unlock in this manner, however at any time, you can go to the "Locked" area of the shop and buy any among them by investing 99 cents or whatever your regional currency's equivalent is. Try to find the automobile with the very best stats, so that you can optimize them later on and make them even more powerful.

Tip 3: You can unlock new levels by finishing particular varieties of races in the existing level, and you can unlock new races in the existing level (e.g. tropical) by finishing races and missions in the present race. Races get more difficult and harder, however you can earn increasingly more coins the even more that you enter the game. Hit endless mode for an excellent possibility at winning more coins and evaluating your abilities.

Tip 4: Your vehicles have 4 stats that you can use to judge which automobile to purchase next. Fast Uppy is acceleration. Fastness is leading speed. Turniness is managing. Bish Bash is just how much damage you can do by striking other automobiles, and how well you can ward off hits from other cars and trucks. Take these into account prior to making your vehicle purchase.

Tip 5: Optimize it rather if you desire to invest your coins carefully and you currently have a vehicle you're pleased with. This will complete the blank stat squares, enhancing your cars and truck to the optimum readily available power of all 4 stats. When you start the next race, you'll right away see the distinction.

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