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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Various Tips and Tricks

Remember that in the world of Kim Kardashian, to increase your star power, you need the paparazzi to notice you.

If you don't have enough star power yet to complete a quest, you can go make some extra money by working at the So Chic department store.
Work is simple: the longer the shift, the more money you make and the more experience points you gain.

New clothing items will either add to your star power or to your love power. Keep in mind that star power will help you network with people who are on a higher list while Love power will help you be able to date those on higher lists.

Spend a K coin in a discussion with someone to use your charm power on them.

Pick up everything and anything that you see you never know when it will be needed.

Talk to everyone because anyone of them might be the next person that will help you get further in your career.

Adopting a pet will reward you with bonuses, including money and energy.

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