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Kill Shot Virus

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Kill Shot Virus - Android

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Primary: This mode is all about killing everything in sight. Just keep shooting at the zombies as much as you can. You will earn some money from this game mode but it won't be much. It's more like the basic mode where you can practice killing things.

Dead Ops: In this mode, you will feel like an assassin. You will be given a target that you need to eliminate. The target gets stronger each time so you will need to invest in your weapon before taking on this challenge. The rewards are worth the effort so take time to try this out when you can.

Sniper: As the name suggests, this mode gives you missions that you need to accomplish using only a sniper rifle. It takes a bit of getting used to but you will get the hang of it after some practice. Make sure you zoom in to get a better aim at your targets.

Breach: You will be raiding buildings in this game mode. You will need to be quick and alert in this mode to avoid taking damage from zombies. Be mindful of your ammo as you might end up reloading while you have zombies in your face.

There will be several objectives when you are playing. Completing these objectives will give you different rewards. The game will get difficult without upgrades so you need every bit of advantage. Complete objectives as quickly as you can to help you progress in the game. Check the objectives regularly and see which ones you are close to achieving. The daily objectives refresh every 24 hours so complete them before they expire.

The game gives you several freebies that you can take advantage of if you are diligent. The first one is the daily login bonus which gives you cash or medals. It isn't much but it will add up if you claim it every day. You don't even need to play, you just need to log in, claim the reward, then log out. You also get a free supply drop every eight hours so take advantage of it.

Unlike most other games, you don't need to rush when upgrading weapons. Just earn as much money as you can then upgrade your weapon when you are advised by the game to do so. Waiting for the game to tell you to upgrade will help keep you from wasting money on unnecessary upgrades. Of course, if you have a lot of extra cash, feel free to go on a shopping spree for your character.

Be additional mindful with the blowing up fat zombies. When you kill them, shoot them initially every time as they will kill you too if they are too close to you. For the other zombies, start with the ones that are closest to assaulting you and work your way back. Or if there is one particular zombie that you are expected to go for to complete the round (a boss zombie), go for that a person for a fast end to the round.

Gold is the superior currency in the game, however you can earn a lot of free gold, which can go to purchasing things such as new weapons. Go to the gold menu and you can watch an endless succession of advertisement videos, each which will earn you a gold bonus. There is also a deal wall loaded with free and paid deals, which will earn you gold as a reward.

Kill zombies before they detect the survivors s the main goal in the game. However, keep in mind headshots brings additional bonus.

There are 4 types of weapons the sniper rifles, assault rifles, machine guns and shotguns. Each type has it's own purpose during the course of the game. Upgrading them is a huge part of your game progress.

Use medals or gold to purchase supply drops. There are 2 options: the premium supply drop and the medal supply drop. The premium one contains a rare chest and alpha vest and it costs 50 gold. The medal supply contains a common lower body and a basic pants.

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