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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Keepy Ducky on Android

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Tip 1
You can toss snowballs as rapidly or as gradually as you wish to, however ensure that you have enough ammunition to keep going. Swipe from side to side to gather the snowballs whenever they appear so that you can refill your ammunition. If you require to tap incredibly rapidly in order to keep a large number of ducks afloat, you can tap with one or even 2 fingers alternatingly.

Tip 2
You can earn coins when they fall out of ducks arbitrarily as you hit them (about once every 10 snowball hits or two), however the quickest way to earn more coins is to watch ad videos for them. Go to the card pack menu, which is the leftmost button on the main menu, and there will be a button that provides you 50 coins for seeing a video. This button is a continuous component because position, so you can watch videos for as lots of coins as you desire.

Tip 3
Among usings the coins that you earn is purchasing card packs. Some card loads consist of new items of clothes for your main character, or more coins, however other card packs include animals. Animals can be contributed to your lineup for each round, and each family pet has their own special capability. Explore the various kinds of family pets to see which capabilities that you like the very best. When the going gets difficult and the whole screen gets filled up with ducks, they will help particularly.

Tip 4
Another use for the coins is upgrading your animal level. Your animal level can be updated for all your animals at a time, not just one animal, so if you change animals at any time, that higher level will use throughout the board. Each level included for your animals will reduce the cooldown time of the family pet capability, in addition to other capabilities unlocked at level 10, 20, and 30.

Tip 5
You can unlock new phases too, by making particular ratings on the previous levels. Earn a minimum of 800 points on the Meadows level to unlock the Blizzard level. Earn 1,000 points on the Blizzard level to unlock the Inferno level. Anticipate more levels to be included as more updates come out for the game.

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