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Katy Perry Pop

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Katy Perry Pop on Android

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Tap the "Closet" icon on your smartphone to access your clothes. They help with song recording and other actions.

Interact with everyone encountered to try to make friends. When first starting, most people will consider themselves too big of a star to consider you as a friend. Try again after you become more famous and try connecting with them again. Do not spend the premium coins to charm them. You can also add other players as friends by connecting to Facebook.

Tap the lower left corner to access your glasses. Do this in every new area or while completing missions. Some missions can only be completed in glasses mode.

AchievementHow to unlock

Tap the "To Do List" on your smartphone to display a list of available quests. Complete the main storyline quests to get new clothes, money, energy, experience, and skills. Do not start more than one quests that requires energy to complete. You will have a time limit to complete the quests and will run out of energy before that happens. When starting a concert, recording a song or video, or doing anything else that requires energy, focus on that completing that specific quest before moving on. If needed, exit the room or concert hall to explore and find extra energy. Make sure you are at full energy before starting those quests. Improve your chances to complete the quests by using better equipment, furniture or props; and calling in friends to be in the band. Pick up as many notes as possible. Check how much you complete by finishing each of the actions (depending on energy required) and perform the actions that fill up the meter the most first. Save the other actions for later. For example, a 4 energy action is better than a 5 energy action, while a 1 energy action is worse than a 2 energy action.

Record a song in order to get a chance to record a music video. That song must very high quality and appear on the charts. You can create better songs by increasing your experience, getting inspired (filling the lightbulb icon one the right side), adding skilled musicians to help with the song, and adding the best instruments to the studio. You will have a better chance of getting a 5 star song rating and get it on the charts.

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