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Jungle Cubes

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Jungle Cubes on Android

Use your ability to move jewels to set up combos. When you move a jewel past another jewel, it will move in the opposite direction. For example, if you move a jewel up, every jewel you pass will move down one space. Use this to move jewels into position that create a chain combo.

Form the following matches to create the corresponding special tile. Match four jewels to create a blast tile. It features vertical or horizontal arrows point out of it. Matching jewels on this tile will shoot a beam in the direction of the arrows, collecting all the jewels in that area. Match five jewels to create a rainbow tile. Create a match on this tile to cause all jewels of the matched type to explode. Match jewels in an "L" pattern to create a horizontal and vertical blast tile. Matching jewels on this tile will shoot a beam in both directions. Match jewels in a "T" or plus pattern to create a bomb tile which destroys all jewels surrounding it.

You can move any jewel anywhere, however it must end with a match at its destination. The time to move the jewel is also very short. If you can complete moves fast enough, it will have interesting results because jewels are moved in the opposite direction of the one you are currently holding.

Instead of waiting to restore a single life, advance the time on your device by 30 minutes for each life you want to restore. To restore all your lives, advance the time by 150 minutes. Afterwards, set the time back to its correct value. Connect to Facebook and get extra lives from your friends.

When complete all of your objectives, you will earn a bonus based on how many moves you have remaining. For every move remaining, a random tile will be turn into a blast tile. If you have over ten move remaining you have a good chance to clear the entire level and earn a three star rank.


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