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Jet Car Stunts 2

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Jet Car Stunts 2 on Android

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Stay clear of utilizing afterburners unless you're goinged to a ramp when you're on the ground. Utilizing resets will decrease your possibility of getting one, so simply start once again. The base game where you have access to ten tracks on 3 difficulty setups - is free of charge. For $4.99, you'll unlock everything the game needs to provide, consisting of added tracks, automobiles and the stunt fields.

Tip 1: The Turbo Boost refills instantly, however can go down quickly depending upon your certain automobile.

Tip 2: You wind up upside down, tilt your gadget to attempt to bring yourself upright. Use the Turbo Boost to capture up.

Tip 3: Various tracks feature various automobiles for you to drive. The most hard to regulate are the aerial types. Learn how to manage those types throughout jumps also on the tracks. When on the ground, use the afterburner and air brake to manage them throughout jumps and steer thoroughly. Regular automobiles are much easier to manage and do not need use of the afterburner in mid-air for control.

Tip 4: With ground-based vehicles, use the afterburner when the roadway is as straight as possible. When a sharp turn is coming, stop its use. With aerial automobiles, the afterburner is used to regulate the height and direction of the vehicles.

There are various goals offered, depending upon the kind of course.

Platforming: Reach the end of the course in the fewest number of attempts. Resetting counts as an attempt.

Time Trial: Reach each checkpoint of three laps as fast as possible to keep time on the clock.

Freestyle: Do as many tricks as possible and get collectibles to earn the highest score possible.

Racing: Race other drivers to the finish line.

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