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Idle Miner Tycoon

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Idle Miner Tycoon on Android

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Along with changing the date, go into the workshop and equip the gear to maximize reward. Tinker with gear to determine what gives you the most. Watch ad to multiply reward and collect from all mines on that island.

If you exit the app and go into your date and time settings and change them forward up to twenty days (only works with idle cash)

Hire with a supervisor for every single among your mine shafts, your elevator, and your transport. The supervisor is how the game goes from active to idle, because they have your employees getting the job done for you. You can also move supervisors around and work with spares. Eliminate supervisors and change them around as required depending upon exactly what their bonus ability is.

One of the finest methods to do this is with upgrades. If you wish to get to among the turning point levels quicker (10, 25, 50, 100, and so on) for the huge bonuses that they require, change a supervisor over whose ability is to drop the upgrade expense. Once you do that, wait on the cool-down to complete, then change them over to whatever else you wish to drop a fast upgrade on.

Constantly open a new mine shaft as quickly as you can afford to, even at the expense of upgrading something else instantly. Miners from brand name new mine shafts will make huge quantities of money right from the start, even prior to being leveled up. They also include sky-high quantities of money per second to the idle revenues, so when you go offline, then return after some time, your money will be taken full advantage of.

Constantly invest your upgrades on your miners themselves unless one of two things occurs. Upgrade your transporter if you see a stockpile of money building up at the elevator much faster than the transporters can gather it. Upgrade your elevators if you see stacks of money building up in one of your mine shafts due to the fact that the elevator cannot gather it all.

Hit the boost x2 button whenever you are playing in order to double every bit of active and idle gold/cash that you earn. A video advertisement will play then you will have a four-hour boost. You can accumulate to 32 hours worth of these increases. You will also be able to do a 2x bonus on all of your offline incomes if you come back from idle. Integrate this with the initial video advertisements for hours and you can do 4x profits overall.


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