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Hercules: The Official Game

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Hercules: The Official Game on Android

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After trying to deflect an enemy attack, counter-attack to "scratch" an opponent. This will not do a large amount of damage, but it will add up.

Once the rage meter fills, start the Rage combo to cause a large amount of damage to your opponents. Start a rage attack after your enemy has his guard down to maximize its damage.

Use a single swipe to execute the regular attack. You only need to use correct directions while doing combo attacks.

Swipe in various directions to deflect an enemy's incoming attack, depending on which way they aim their blade at you. For example, if they are using a top-down attack, swipe upward. Then, wait until the crucial moment where you can counter-attack with multiple swipes. Note: Some enemies have attacks that cannot be deflected. In these cases, use your shield, but keep in mind it can only take a certain number of hits before it gets too damaged.

Farm the Sword for Hire repeatedly to earn extra coins for upgrades.

Begin upgrades with your weapon, then keep everything else balanced. Shields provide you better protection against larger attacks. Armor provides help when you are hit by an enemy.

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