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Helix Jump

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Helix Jump on Android

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Steel Cage Ball: Score 200 points in one single game. This is easiest if you start from level 1, so delete and reinstall the game if you have to.

Black Bumps Ball: Score 400 points over a single game. Can be over the span of multiple levels.

Striped Ball: Score 600 points in one single game. See above tips.

Two-tone Ball: Play 15 games total. Each single level counts as one game, so if you beat five levels in one run, that's counted as five games.

Cube: Play 25 total games. Same counting as above.

Star: Play in 50 total complete games. Even if you lose right away it counts as a game.

Squiggly Line: Pass five levels. Best to delete the game and start over again from level 1 to make this easy to get.

Soccer Ball: Pass 15 levels. Same tips as above.

Rugby Ball: Play Helix Jump two days in a row. If you want this one right away, play a game, then set your phone time ahead by a day, then play again.

Multi-sided fractal: Play Helix Jump 7 days in a row. Same tip as above.

Hexagon Rings: Unlock five different new skins/shapes total. If you don't unlock this right away when you do that, then play a game apiece with those shapes.

Tip 1: If you fall through one gap, you get one point, but if you fall through multiple gaps in a row, you get increasing amounts of points for each consecutive gap that you fall through - first one, then two, then three, etc, until you hit the ground on the next platform. And if you fall through three or more platforms at a time, then the next platform you hit, you'll destroy.

Tip 2: Avoid the red-colored slices of each platform. If you bounce on the normal portion of the platform, you'll simply jump, but if you bounce into the red portion of a platform, you'll die. The exception is if you drop onto the red part of the platform after skipping three platforms. You'll just destroy it and move down to the next platform.

Tip 3: None of the levels are exactly endless. Watch the bar that goes between your current level number and the next level number, as that shows your progress on the level. If you can make it down to the end of the level, you'll move onto the next level. The color of the ball will change, as will the color of everything else on the level, and you will add one point to your multiplier. Additionally, your score will continue to increase, and if you used your ad-continue on the previous level, you'll get it back on the new level.

Tip 4: With each new level comes a new challenge as well. For example, towards the end of the third level, you'll get red slices on the platform that move and that dynamically resize themselves in order to throw you for a new challenge. Towards the end of the fourth level, barriers will start popping up to block you from moving dynamically around the level.

Tip 5: Right now, it's extremely early in the life of the game, so no unlocks are available. However, with the next update, as evidence by the "coming soon" sign on the icon in the main menu, the developers are planning to add unlocks, such as new balls and possibly even new backgrounds.


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