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Haunt The House: Terrortown

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Haunt The House: Terrortown on Android

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This requires the use of every item and every type of spook on the items. This also includes moving. While at maximum scare, go through every item and use every option. You do not need to use every ghost; the term "spook" refers to the different options on each item.

Possess objects that are near windows, such as the following.

Cruise Ship: The roulette wheel and light bulb on the middle floor.
Hospital: The x-ray and rack on the second floor.
Museum: Possess the samurai, roman, and the pillar that are on the third floor.
Theater: The bar and sheet on the second floor.

Scare window jumpers until they begin sweating. Do not scare them until they close their eyes and open their mouths or they will jump.

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