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Gunner Z

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Gunner Z on Android

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Use tome cheat and avoid having to wait for more time and skip the delay on upgrades by exiting out of the game and updating the Time & Date settings on your device. You can also receive a 20% bonus on maxed out days, if you skip ahead by one day each time you do it.

You have two types of currency in Gunner Z - general cash and Z bucks. You'll need a combination of the two in order to unlock new goods for your trucks and keep them repaired.

Upgrading your zoom makes it a lot easier to target and kill zombies that are much farther away from your ride.

Work on stability as well and throwing some upgrade points into this helps keep your gun aiming stable as you try to maintain your aim.

When you get your zoom and stability to the right level, give some TLC to your truck's armor, firing rate etc.

There are two general weapons you'll use in the game - a turret gun and a rocket launcher.

The rocket launcher is good for major damage against larger enemies, hordes and vehicles.

The turret gun usually refills on ammo after running out, but you'll be defenseless for a couple of seconds. Stick with the regular guns for standard assault against the zombies

Holding down the fire button may seem like a good idea, but you'll lose a good amount of your accuracy as a result. Firing in spurts, on the other hand, gives you better pinpointing against enemies.

Always focus on rival gunners first until they're eliminated.

Where you shoot a zombie determines how many hits it will take to kill them. A headshot or a chest shot is a sure way to kill them instantly.

Spin around quickly and take out foes behind you know zombies can sneak.

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