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Fluffy Fall

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Fluffy Fall on Android

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Tip 1: You have to fall through tubes in order to add to your score. Every time that you pass an obstacle, your score increases, and your obstacles can consist of many things. Sometimes they're solid objects, other times it's flamethrowers, and other times it's laser beams or ice stalagmites. You have to pass them all.

Tip 2: Whenever you get 100 coins, you can spin for a new fluffy. Each fluffy has its own bonus associated with it. For most of them, it will be more coins, while others will go faster at the beginning, or will be ice resistant, or will be bouncy. One of them will even be more fragile (the egg fluffy), adding a little bit of an extra challenge dimension to the game.

Tip 3: There are specific quest that you can complete, as well, in order to earn more coins. These quests will pop up when you begin a level, before you put your finger down and begin moving your fluffy around, and will include specific things such as collecting coins or avoiding fire enough times in one single game.

Tip 4: Another way to earn coins is by watching advertisement videos. Obviously, the main way to earn coins is collecting them within the game itself and by completing quests, but you can earn more of them by going to the fluffy select screen and tapping on the video offer.

Tip 5: When you either earn coins from a round, earn coins from the lucky wheel, or earn a new fluffy by spinning for it, you can then immediately watch an advertisement video in order to double your winnings. If you win the fluffy and then watch the video, you win a different fluffy, but you have to give up the fluffy that you originally won.


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