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The Galuf levels may be acquired by Krile, despite the description saying Galuf.

AchievementHow to unlock

Here's a cool thing- a little later on in the game you recieve the job of a Dancer. Hopefully you have gained the "Barehanded" monks ability as well. Make yourself a Dancer and give yourself the barehanded ability. (Don't forget to unequip your weapon of course, or else it may never work)Now during battle, use the "Dance" ability and if your successful, you will do the Sword Dance and your punch will be ultra strong about 9000's of damage to an enemy or if an enemy has serious defense, probably only 4500's such as the Shield Dragon at Kuza. So in this way earlier in the game, you may dominate yourself in this way and win every battle for sure.

To get free Ragnarok go through the rift to exdeath before you battle him set your strongest characters abilities as mug and artful dodger now battle exdeath and kill him then he trans forms to neo exdeath mug the part to the bottom left it will take a few tries but you should steal Ragnarok. Repeat as many times as desired.

When you first reach Tule, head for the house directly left from you. This is called the Greenhorn's Club. Head up to the lady at the desk and talk to her, say "yes" and head right through the passage she opened up. Here you can learn all the basics of the game, but what you really want are the items stored inside, which are useful at anytime, so take them when you wish. Starty by taking whats in the Pot, Barell, Box and the two Chests, the head upstairs. There is a ches to the left of the room, open it to find a monster. It is one Goblin and can be taken out very fast. You will recieve the Leather Shoes from it.

As always, front rows are for fighters, back rows are for the mages. Back row members take less damage from physical attacks, so keep the weak ones back. While Thief isn't a particularly useful job in general, it's worth studying for a bit for the hidden passages skill, which will uncover lots of valuable loot. Pick whatever combo of jobs you like, though a white mage is a must early on.

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