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Farm Heroes Saga

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Farm Heroes Saga - Android

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When out of lives, advance the time on your device by a few hours. Then, set the time back to its correct value. Note: When playing the Facebook version, you must first log out of Facebook before adjusting the system time.

If you run out of lives and you're in a hurry, close the app and take the following steps.

1. Access the Settings menu.
2. Choose Date and Time.
3. Set the time ahead a few hours.
4. Open the Farm Heroes Saga app again.

You should find that your supply of lives has been magically replenished. You can repeat this trick as often as you like, provided you don't mind changing your device's time setting frequently.

Spend your gold to unlock gates and not for boosters and shovels.

You'll eventually reach stages where you are required to match three eggs in order to hatch a set number of chicks. However, it's all too easy to let the required eggs overrun the board. You should pay close attention to their positioning, and you should try to make moves that keep the eggs mostly in one section of the field. That makes it easier to make critical matches and it leaves you with more of the room you need to match other sets with multipliers to improve your score.

As matches are made, tiles will be eliminated and new ones will appear at the top of the screen. However, there is a proper order that you should use to make matches. Look for sets you can eliminate closer to the bottom to increases the chance that a chain reaction will form in the new pieces that appear at the top of the screen. Some levels require you to three eggs in order to hatch a certain number of chicks. Do not allow eggs to remain all over the level. Just concentrate in one area and make moves that keep the eggs mostly in that section. Flowers can get in the way of your matches. Start the level by taking out those most inconvenient flowers.

As you make matches, you'll eliminate tiles and new ones will arrive from the top of the screen. You know this. What you may not have realized, though, is that there's an order in which you should make matches when possible. Instead of eliminating easy sets near the top of the screen as they arrive, watch for sets you can eliminate closer to the bottom. This increases the likelihood that you'll stumble into an especially lucky chain reaction near the top of the field, as new pieces arrive.

There are multiple uses for gold, which you can most easily acquire by purchasing micro-transactions. However, you should save it to spend unlocking gates. That's the best way to spare yourself from having to invest real money in order to keep progressing swiftly through the game. Acquire boosters and shovels and such through other means.

Flowers are more than just something pretty to look at; they're also a nuisance! Flowers can get in the way of some great matches, and you'll have to work around them until you've eliminated the ones that are positioned most inconveniently. Instead of fighting the flowers the entire round and losing points along the way, start by taking out those least convenient of plants. Your improved score once you have done so will be reward enough for the trouble.

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