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Eternity Warrior 2

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Eternity Warrior 2 - Android

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Perform the following to get free Gems.

Sign up for Netflix: 680 Gems
Watch Big Fish Casino Video: 1 Gem
Get the Discover More Card: 1632 Gems
Sign up for 816 Gems
Buy Gourmet Chocolate: 462 Gems
Rate Eternity Warrior 2: 5 Gems

At starting of the game, try to accuire all your skills before you want to manage your status. Once you did that, manage your status start from skills. Upgrade all skills atleast one time for each category but the block special must upgrade two time. DO NOT UPGRADE TOO FURTHER, you might found that certain skill you don't use a lot so don't waste coin upgrade on that skill! At the shop, buy health potion as much as possible since it's price goes up as you level up. For equipment, don't try to upgrade weapon first, you will find some weapon with serious power at UNDEAD SPIRE STAGE 8-10. Dont worry too much about your weapon power, the game only get hard in other three location. But by some luck, if you successfully recruit a very powerful people in multiplayer mode, you can fight SPIDER LAIR instead and get equipment that is far more powerful than from UNDEAD SPIRE and SHIVERING REFUGE. I been getting a weapon with 300 damage from SPIDER LAIR, after upgrade it the damage sure to be serious, but it cost you lots of coins as well. If you don't want your coins waste like water flow, only upgrade weapon that you think is powerful enough.

As we know, stepping on healing point will recover health to full. But it only work for one time. Its great since health potion only recover health by half. But if you don't want the healing point goes waste, and EPIC NOT WASTING, try to step the healing point same time with your partner (currently in multiplayer mode). And both get healed! Amazing isnt it? Using this way, you probably save up another healing point.

To unlock the following Achievements, complete the following tasks.

AchievementHow to unlock

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