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Empires And Allies

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Do not drop all your troops at once. Weigh the strengths and weaknesses of your units and the base defenders to develop a strategy. When selecting territories to attack on the world map, consider areas you have already cleared but are in danger of returning to enemy control. These are marked with an exclamation point and a timer that displays how soon you must act before you lose the stars associated with that region.

Command Points are used to activate all the options available during combat. For example, the flare, which costs only one point, signals a specific target for your troops to attack. Other abilities can be unlocked. They include types of air support attacks, heals, and buffs. You will earn more Command Points for each enemy building destroyed.

Have a mix of weapons to defend your base. Your enemies will be attacking with multiple types of troops.The Domed Defense and Rally Flag are very useful. Both of those defenses are customizable, if you are at the required level. The Dome can be armed with a Sentry Gun, Laser, or Aerial Defense. The Rally Flag can eventually set patrols for six different unit types. Changing what those defenses are armed with is the easiest and most cost-effective method to defend your base effectively.

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Early in the game, only two basic resources need to be managed. Fuel is obtained from the Oil Derrick and is stored in the Fuel Stockpile. Supplies are obtained at the Supply Drop and stored in the Supply Stockpile. Although both are important, Supplies a bit more important, because they are used to build and upgrade structures and defenses. Focus on storage over production. When doing single-player attacks to get more Fuel and Supplies, if your storage is at capacity they will be wasted.

The Troop Tarmac can produce any of the units that are available. Try to have the maximum amount of troops for your level built at all times. This will allow you to deploy a variety of units when you launch attacks. Upgrading a Troop Tarmac allows it to hold more of any type of unit at the same time. You can also spend gold to speed your troop production by tapping the lightning bolt icon at the side of the screen. After your HQ has been upgraded to level 4, you will have the ability to place troops one at a time instead of in entire squads. This is very useful when attacking a base for the first time, and allows you to try various tactics without committing an entire squad. To toggle between squad and single unit deployment, tap on your HQ, then on the helicopter icon that appears on the menu at the bottom.

Buildings and defenses that can be upgraded will have a small green arrow below them. You must be at a certain level and have the correct resources to complete a certain upgrade. You can only have one construction or building upgrade in progress at once, unless you spend 750 gold for an additional engineer.


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