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Dungeon Survival

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Dungeon Survival on Android

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When a hero approaches an item on the ground, he will automatically pick it up. Throughout the dungeon you will encounter traps. To disarm a trap, carefully approach the edge of the trap and tap it, then select manual disable. An attemp to disable a trap may result in failure. The success rate is determined by the sum of all team member's trap disabling ability. Spike trap - built from dragon bones. Rapid launch speed. Able to pierce through solid plate armor. Eat food - tap the hero's avatar to open the function screen. Tap the supplies button to open the backpack. Available supllies will be shown in the backpack. Tap the item you wanna use. Battles are round based. Heroes will take turns in order. The order is displayed in the avatar list at the bottom left of the screen. Each hero has four battle skills. Tap the related skill button to use the skill.

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