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Dragon Quest 4: Chapters Of The Chosen

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Dragon Quest 4: Chapters Of The Chosen on Android

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Have all eight characters join your party after defeating the Marquis de Léon in Chapter 5. Have the indicated character placements in your party to hear the corresponding music at the world map.

ChapterHow to unlock

Cast debuff spells such as Sap and Decelerate on Bosses. If the spell will not affect the Boss, it will be indicated in the battle text.

During the second chapter you will encounter two enemies that will give you a great opportunity to level-up. Neither enemy is worth an exceptional amount of experience (or gold), but they both have tendencies that lend themselves well to gaining quick experience. The first enemy you will encounter is a Lickspittle. These foes will sometimes attack during their turn, but if there is an empty slot in their ranks, expect at least one of them to call for help, recruiting another Lickspittle to fight with them. If you have a character like Alena, attack and have your two other characters defend each turn during a fight with Lickspittles. Chances are you will kill one a turn or one every other turn, allowing them to call for help repeatedly. As long as you can stay healed and keep the fight under control (i.e., you can end it within a few rounds if needed by using spells, etc.), let them recruit friends over and over again. The more you kill in a single round, the more experience and gold you will walk away with. The other enemy you will encounter is a Firespirit. The Firespirit has high evasion and is therefore difficult to hit with physical attacks. When you miss an attack on a Firespirit, they will sometimes split and another one will appear on the scene. This is due more to luck than anything else, but if you keep missing (and resist using any spells, since they will hit them), you will be able to spawn them repeatedly. Just as with the Lickspittle, the more you fight in a single battle, the more experience and gold you will walk away with.

Every character earns experience points during a battle, except if the wagon is not present, as in some dungeons. Your stored characters will not gain experience in those situations.

Healie can be found hidden in a cave near the middle of Ragnar's quest. Once recruited, he can heal Ragnar. Healie moves automatically and his actions are automatic.

Distribute seeds according to your characters' class and stats. For example, Ragnar (soldier) should receive Strength seeds. Torneko (merchant) should get the Luck seeds. Give Alena (martial artist) Speed seeds. When Torneko leads, enemies drop more items

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