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Dragon Ninjas

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Dragon Ninjas on Android

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The Altar of Gems is the shining purple building in your village. It creates gems, the game's premium currency, over time. Special items are required to activate it. The first activation is free, and can be done immediately after you begin playing. Three hours will be required before the gems it produces are available. Complete achievements to get a chance of earning a gem reward.

Spend your resources on building upgrades or to acquire new troops. You are limited by your storage space to hold all the resources won from fights and from tribute from the saved villages. Any extra will be wasted.

Keep your dojos busy training units when you have available resources. Train different types of units to have a balanced force that can handle any situation.

Each unit class has a specific type and its own weaknesses and strengths. Light (sword icon) units are strong against Precision (crosshair icon) units. Precision units are strong against Magic (pentagram icon) units. Magic units are strong against Heavy (anvil icon) units.

You will need to build additional villager huts as your village grows. This will let more people move into your village, as well as increase its income. You will occasionally be able to collect a random resource from your villagers.

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