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Dragon Coins

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Dragon Coins Cheats

Target the enemies and eliminate them one at a time. Attack the enemy that will attack you second. By doing this, you have more potential attacks for the faster enemies. However, if you notice that a monster is weak when your target is about to attack, change targets while your monster attacks. Always get the most damage out of your attacks. Always use the highest level card when attacking. The cost of a card does not increase when you level it up from fusing. Also, select the best monster for battle and keep your cost close to your maximum as possible. Create substitute teams to use against specific monster weaknesses. For example, have a fire team, a water team, a wood team, etc. ready. This allows you to quickly switch from one situation to the other without having to go through all your monsters.

Use your coins to push other coins. Do not drop too many in at once. Instead, go slow and allow your coins to push others on the bottom level into monster slots. After earning Friend Coins by using your friends' monsters in battle, summon monsters with them. There is a chance you will get a rare creature. Complete Lily's quiz to easily get a large number of gold coins. Save your rainbow coins for when you need the best and rare monster summons. Because there is no time limit, take your time when dropping coins. Drop a few coins until there are two or three coins remaining for a monster to attack and wait to see what happens. Normally, a number of attacks will be triggered, more coins will fall, and you can take out the monsters easily without taking damage. Enter the Shop and watch the advertising videos for free coins and other bonuses.

A card can be evolved after it reaches level 20. You will also need a large amount of gold coins to evolve the base monster, and more for rarer cards. Evolution also has a required material, which varies by monster. Usually in order to evolve a monster, you will need an identical card of any level. However, some cards require two or more other cards to be evolve. The rarer the card, the more cards that will be required. To view what is required to evolve, go to the "Evolve" screen, then place the monster card in the Base Monster slot. Evolved cards have the same skills as their original version, but have better HP and Attack stats. They also can be fused further. Evolving your leader first is recommended, as you will receive its identical card for evolution when you reach level 20. After that, evolve the monsters that are most useful, even if they are of Common rarity.

Fusing allows you to make a good card stronger at the expense of sacrificing an unneeded card. Generally, it is better to start with above an average card or cards that belong in Rare, Super Rare, or Super Rare+ tiers. When fusing cards of the same category (for example, Fire + Fire or Wood + Wood), you can get an additional experience point bonus. Also, if you have more cards that belong to the same type when you use it, there is a good chance of increasing the ability of your card upon fusing. Always use five cards for fusing to get the maximum evolution points for the lowest price. If you do not have five cards of the same type to fuse or you cannot add more because you already consumed all spare slots, just use any cards to fill up those slots. Instead of focusing on one at a time while fusing, try to fuse more cards in your deck. Having five starting monsters of all level 10 is better than having one at level 20 while the rest are at level 1. Do not fuse rank C or common cards, especially when they are under level 10. As you make progress, you will get lots of level 10 common cards. It is a waste of money to fuse cards that you will change or drop from your line-up later. Only fuse cards that you will use over a long period of time.

Coins usually drop into the monster slots in the center. Place your strongest or most useful monsters there.

Advance the time on your device to refill your stamina points. Then, set the time back to its correct value.

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