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Disney Crossy Road

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Disney Crossy Road on Android

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If you want fast free gifts, then you can try to set the time ahead on your phone or tablet by the amount of cool off time left for your next free present. After this go back to the game and gather your present, and do it all over once again. Keep in mind that the time that you cheated off of it will be added back to the cool off time when you set the time back to normal.

While dangerous, the train tracks can be highly useful as they provide for a long time of safety when the train is finished passing, since it won't come by quickly.

In the Lion King level, there is a rock in the middle of a stampede that provides for the ultimate protection.

Watching an ad video gets you 20 coins, and with 100 coins you can buy one of the game's many characters.

Smaller characters have a better chance of avoiding getting hit purely because of their smaller frame.

Playing in landscape mode is imperative as that way you can see much more of the map and plan further ahead.

Tap behind your character so you don't block the view with your hand.

This is one of the most important tricks that you can use to increase your chances at doing way better at the game: playing in landscape mode allows you to see a lot more of the playfield and makes it a lot easier for you to choose the perfect route to safety.

There are quite a few interesting secret characters in the game that can only be found by completing specific actions.

Ghost Gramma Tala (Moana) - play as Gramma Tala and die 25 times to unlock this character.
Flower Mane Simba (Lion King) - Play as Simba and go through the line of zebras in the stage.
Sim Kid (Monsters Inc.) - Play as a monster and find the Sim Kid in his bed, scare him 10 times to unlock this character.
Mufasa (The Lion King) - Play as Simba and spend 12 seconds near the stampedes, you can do that easily with one of our previous tips.
Scar (The Lion King) - Play as Mufasa and get trampled by a herd of wildebeest to unlock his brother.

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